The BrimTier Chronicles

By Lisa J. Comstock

      The universe will never be the same             

These are the epic tales of the Robin Hood 

pirate, Captain Iain Bryce and his crew. 

Join them as they blast around the universe 

trying thelp the poor and oppressed and keep 

from getting captured by the Confederational Regime 

in this action packed adventure,romance series 

with a sci-fi twist.

Pride of a BrimTier Pirate

Captain Iain Bryce, the crew of Phoenix and many of their friends and foes will learn that pride can be a double edged sword. 

Many in the big black will have their pride bolstered, bruised and tested to the extreme in this installment. 

This was a tough journal for Iain Bryce to put into words and on paper. The captain feels a lot of it was written in blood, and not all of it his own - although, he feels a lot of it is on him.

Mettle of a BrimTier Pirate, Part 9

In the wake of the solar storms and having saved most of the colonists in the Ansian system, Phoenix Enclave find themselves chased by the newest ship in the CRF’s Fleet into a field of abandoned derelict ships, all ripe and ready for looting. 

They learn some hold secrets that may not be worth bringing to light.

Then they return to Tortuga for their late probationary visit. While on the planet Iain finds himself faced with a new and harsh reality; one that he will test his mettle to the max and will have to swallow his pride to overcome.

Heart of a BrimTier Pirate, Part 8

A new decade is dawning in the big black. 2270 is bringing with it many changes and pirate captain Iain Bryce has some tough decisions ahead of him. Not the smallest of which is whether the universe is 

ready for a pirate to be president of the Confederational Regime; 

especially one like him…

In this part of the captain’s chronicles, you’ll take a look into the typically generous, sometimes alarmingly cold, heart of the BrimTier pirate. See what the captain and crew of Phoenix Enclave enjoy most 

about the pirate way of life: the chase, the capture, the romance and the treasure. And get a glimpse into the not so enjoyable side as they again come face to face with old enemies. Will Captain Bryce's unusual luck continue to hold true when he and his crew find themselves in 

                                                               peril yet again, or has it finally run out?

Principles of a BrimTier Pirate, Part 7

Nobody likes to have their principles questioned, tested or judged – least of all a pirate! The Robin Hood style space pirate captain, Iain D. Bryce, feels he is being very harshly judged for his – by both friend and foe alike. He is being pushed to the brink as he fights to hold onto his unusual principles and his reputation as a pirate and a hero.

Captain Bryce and his crew are finding out that being, and staying, the “good guys” isn’t easy. Can they stick to the moral high ground with forces pulling at them from the inside and the outside?

Life in the big black is getting even more in the quickly ending year of 2269. The pirate captain and the crew of Phoenix Enclave find unexpected allies, go up against old enemies and meet new challenges in this chapter in the life and times of a BrimTier pirate..